Water Filtration vs. Purification: A True Difference

Reverse osmosis

How it works

When we think of home water systems, we can’t help but envision what we already know and understand: filters. Tap adaptors, fancy jugs with replaceable parts, all of them incorporate a single filter, often carbon based, to sorta kinda filter your water just enough to call it filtered.

If I were to run your water through a coffee filter, I could also call it filtered, and in some places (think of your favorite camp ground or cottage), that would catch enough sediment to make a legitimate difference in water quality.

Trusource goes beyond filtering to truly purify your water. With four powerful purification steps, rust, calcium carbonate, organic chemicals and other unseen pollutants are removed before the water makes it to your glass. The same process can actually be used to make brackish or even salt water potable (think of your cottage now), so imagine what it does for your civic tap water.

And remember those filters you had to remember to change with your filter system? Feel free to forget them. With Trusource, technicians do the tune ups and tinkering, and you never miss a moment of deliciously purified water. Give it a try yourself.