Water Cooler in the Workplace: Montreal Ritz Carlton Hotel

With its recent facelift, the Montreal Ritz Carlton Hotel is welcoming guests from around the world to enjoy a high-end stay in Montreal. Whether dining on the cuisine of Daniel Boulud or enjoying a cup of tea in the garden, the hotel’s success lies in large part with its employees. From guest service coordinators to event planners to bellboys, this on-the-go group of hotel staff stay fueled thanks to the eight Trusource water coolers placed throughout the hotel.

Ralph Ambrosino, the Ritz’s Buying Supervisor, recently shared feedback with us on the coolers in the hotel’s employee cafeteria and offices.

Prior to engaging the services of Trusource, the Ritz did not have water machines for employee use. While Mr. Ambrosino recognized the added-value of the machines, he chose Trusource over bottled coolers because there are no bottles to change and because Trusource coolers require minimal attention, allowing him to focus instead on his daily business.

Aside from the ease of use, Mr. Ambrosino is experiencing significant savings. Along with a great return on investment, he told us that the main benefit for him is employee appreciation. Well-hydrated employees are happy employees and the addition of Trusource machines in the employee areas not only provides clean and cold drinking water, but a place for co-workers to stop and say hello.

Mr. Ambrosino rests assured in knowing that he can call the Trusource team whenever needed. He told us that the technicians are always helpful, courteous and professional.

All in all, the Montreal Ritz Carlton Hotel has seen only positive results since installing Trusource water coolers for its employees.

Looking to see these same results in your corporate environment? Be in touch to find out how easy it is to have Trusource water coolers installed in your office today!