Water & Anxiety

Thirsty for Knowledge…

Stress and anxiety levels are at all time high. Diagnosis of stress and panic related disorders have skyrocketed over the past decade so drastically that we consider it commonplace to see ads for mood stabilizing drugs on prime time TV. Even if you aren’t personally struggling with anxiety, chances are, you know someone who is. And even if you aren’t one of the tens of thousands of Canadians struggling with a diagnosed disorder,  overall stress levels and stressors in our every day life are radically elevated; we’re under more pressure than ever before, and we keep taking on more. As a people, North Americans are Stressed.

So is there an alternative solution to “asking you doctor” about the latest pharma-craze?

Absolutely. Regular exercise along with a balanced diet can do wonders to regulate stress causing hormones and help with associated insomnia, but there’s an even easier answer: water.

When our bodies our thirsty (long before we realize we’re thirsty) it causes panic in the nervous system: we’re running out of water, there’s something wrong, PANIC! And your body responds accordingly, sending out cortisol, and all the other useful chemicals that leave you feeling high strung when you really don’t need them. Anecdotal evidence suggests that 2 glasses of cold water can do wonders for a panic attack, so just imagine what a little preventative water can do for your nerves!

Don’t panic: drink up 🙂


Here are some more simple tips for less stress.

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Seratonin boosters