Water Advisory Woes

Water Advisory Woes

Thirsty for Knowledge…

Water advisories seem part and parcel with the dog days of summer as of late. Heat and humidity are both great for fostering microbial growth, and keeping huge quantities of municipal water potable becomes an understandably tricky science project during summer months.
When the announcement comes that you have to boil water before drinking it or cooking with it, 2 things become immediately clear:

1)Someone’s keeping their eye on your water supply, and kudos to that!
2) How integral water is in your day to day

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of Quebecers who’ve been affected by advisories in the past couple of years, you’re already keenly aware of it. The rest of us can only imagine: making icecubes or juice from concentrate, brushing your teeth, or a simple glass of water in the middle of the night become an ordeal, making the importance of water more obvious. Even animals need clean, fresh H2O, and when a water advisory is on, you should be taking as much care of your pet’s water quality as you do your own.

With Trusource, water advisories no longer apply. With the filtration system in your home or office, water gets purified between the city’s pipes and your cup, to ensure health and safety. Using RO technology, Trusource purifies your water in a way no tap-based filter or snazzy water can, so you never have to worry about advisories

That’s peace of mind from your water supply.