Trusource makes clean water accessible during the Montreal water advisory

Photo courtesy of the National Post

Photo courtesy of the National Post

In late May, Montrealers were faced with an occurrence that is luckily all too rare in our city. An official announcement was made on May 22nd to notify all city residents to boil their water before drinking it as a precaution, after sediment was found in the water following renovations to a city reservoir. Over a million residents and businesses were affected by this three day advisory.

Our clients were fortunate, as water from their Trusource machines was 100% safe to drink. Because the advisory involved sediment, Trusource machines were able to remove all of these impurities, with no boiling required.

At the offices of customers like Dr. William Déry, it was business as usual. As told to TVA News, this local dentist’s office was able to continue treating patients with clean water available for all procedures and for consumption. Other Trusource customers were able to focus on their workdays, not having to run out to buy cases of bottled water to safely hydrate employees. It was as though the water advisory had been lifted for Trusource clients alone!

Have a look at how William Déry’s practice continued, despite the advisory.