What’s so important about Trusource anyway?

What’s so important about Trusource anyway?

Water has recently approached the importance of coffee in terms of offering employee benefits. It is even more important because regular consumption of water is truly a health benefit.

A TRUSOURCE state-of-the-art pure water dispenser offers several advantages over competitive products…

  • Our water is PURIFIED water, not simply carbon filtered. This difference is critical. Even if you have a filter system under your sink or a traditional cooler, your water may have more bacteria coming out of the filter than when it went in.
  • The hermetically sealed holding tank is made of stainless steel and goes through a scheduled daily oxygenation process removing ALL bacteria. In fact, we have placed the unit in several health institutions for that reason.
  • Take a look at our control panel; people’s hands do not get near the water supply. Another contamination hazard often overlooked.
  • Our systems also offer near boiling water perfect for soup, tea, or even a warm bowl of oatmeal, creating a true benefit for your staff.
  • GET GREEN! Think of the carbon emissions involved in bringing water from springs to bottling plants, from distribution centers to you, and empty-bottle return trips; cut out the traffic on the dock and our roads!
  • Stop wasting time moving bottles around your facility; risking limbs and accidents while replacing those giant and inconvenient-to-store bottles.

Our good looks and amazingly low impact financing model is just one more feather in our cap.

2011 will herald the introduction of a residential unit as well as offices in Ottawa and Quebec City.

– Gal Karpfen,