The Truth About Water Filters

Standard water filter coolers don’t provide the purity and protection that you deserve: they are often improperly maintained, and can actually increase contamination and generate high levels of bacteria in a tank of unprotected water.

Let’s face it. Your water cooler has some dirty little secrets…


Carbon block filters: Block carbon is an excellent filtering material, but it does not remove fluoride, pharmaceutical by-products, hormones, bacteria and metals like lead and copper. All carbon filters clog up with time. Once the carbon has been used, the contaminants can leak back into the water. A dirty filter is worse than having no filter at all.

Bacteria and Fungus: Filters can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, and can harbor other toxic matter on its surface. Over time, this matter can break off and contaminate the water, and there is no simple test to tell if your filter has become contaminated or how efficiently it is filtering the water.

Frequent filter changes are crucial: By the time you can detect bad taste or odors in your water, it is too late – the filter is no longer effective at removing contaminants.

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