The Truth About Bottled Water

Tap water, water fountains, bottled water and filter coolers all share one common problem…they do not deliver pure water. Chemicals, bacteria, slime, and other contaminants can flow freely from these unprotected systems.


Five reasons to say “No” to bottles


no bottled water

1. The Purity Myth – Bottled water is not cleaner than tap water. Roughly 40% of bottled water comes from a tap; you’re not getting what you’re paying for.

2. Safety and Health – Water jugs are highly susceptible to airborne contaminants from bottleneck handling during bottle changes. Many brands have tested positive for bacteria and/or chemical contaminants, including chlorine, lead, hormones and pharmaceutical by-products.

3. Cost – The cost of bottled water is about 1,900 times greater than tap water, a price tag many people are comfortable paying because they mistakenly believe they are drinking something “pure.”

4. Inconvenience – Storing large plastic water jugs takes up valuable space in the workplace. Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon, or about 40 pounds per 5-gallon bottle. There are delivery interruptions in the workplace along with compromised office security.

5. The Environment – While promoting an image of health and vitality, bottled water companies burn millions of barrels of oil and generate millions of tons of greenhouse gasses in the manufacturing, processing and transporting of their products. To top it off, an estimated 38 BILLION non-biodegradable plastic water bottles are tossed into our landfills annually.