The Benefits of Zeolite

zeolites trap toxins

We all know that water keeps us hydrated and helps to maintain our kidneys, keeps our skin looking healthy, aids in digestion and much more. But did you know that Trusource water also keeps us extremely healthy by taking potentially hazardous elements out of our bodies?

Some of our machines, like the Elite 900, include a Zeolite filter in the purification process. This mineral found in volcanic rock ash and sea salt helps prevent illness while absorbing toxins, free radicals and inorganic metals from the body.

Why exactly do we need Zeolite in our systems? Pollution and additives are building up in our systems and this mineral helps us to eliminate them.

Tests have shown that Zeolite may also help prevent cancer and become a vital part of its treatment. All of those harmful metals that it removes from our bodies (lead, mercury…) are linked to diseases such as autism, dementia and Alzheimer’s. In addition, Zeolite promotes healthy brain and liver functioning. Just by drinking a few glasses of water each day, we can take steps to living a healthier lifestyle.

In the ongoing effort of getting healthy, Zeolite is certainly a plus for our bodies to stay in top shape.