Tap water and cancer…?

Tap water and cancer…?

The shocking results from Dr. Oz’s special investigation are in…Arsenic, lead, known carcinogen chromium 6, and perchlorate – or rocket fuel …?!

Ok so we know Dr.Oz tends to be slightly dramatic, and maybe its not everyone’s cup of tea, but this one obviously caught our eye. We’ve already showed you an episode he did on Reverse Osmosis so it seems that water is high on his agenda – and all Americans it seems.

So what do we discover? His nation-wide tests show that certain minerals (both harmful and natural) are way above legal limits.

It’s not all doom, gloom and dramatic fear tactics – the experts on Dr.Oz give scientific, balanced advice and feedback to residents who had their water tested.

Dr.Oz himself admits that he is not trying to be an alarmist but wants everyone to start being aware, get educated, involved and start thinking about the issues and solutions.

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