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August 4, 2011

Lead in Montreal water pipes affects kids

Did you know that Trusource water is lead-free? That’s right – LEAD FREE. Which according to this article is paramount to your health given that many […]
July 28, 2011

Government of Manitoba Bans Bottled Water!

– Thanks to the POLARIS INSTITUE for sharing this news: June 8th 2011 – The government of Manitoba announced that its offices and departments would not […]
July 21, 2011

Thirsty Kids – California’s Water Intervention

It’s no secret that America is fighting a battle with a serious obesity problem. The fear that kids are not provided with ample healthy choices is […]
July 14, 2011

What’s in your bottled water besides water?

The Environmental Working Group put out this study on bottled water. We also really like their Bottled Water Widget below. Just enter the brand of water […]
July 7, 2011

Women’s Health asks: What’s in your tap water?

What’s in Your Tap Water? A clear and straightforward guide to healthy water consumption with a selection of scientific research outcomes, harmful effects and action plans. From Women’s […]
June 23, 2011

Weaning from the Bottle…

We love how this Montreal Gazette article begins with the bold statement that “Buying bottled water is just dumb” and that author, Michelle Lalonde ends with […]
June 2, 2011

Lawyers battling toxic waste in Quebec water

The Mercier lagoons – only 20km south of Montreal, were the site of three decades of dumping of hazardous chemical bi-products and petrochemical waste from nearby […]
May 25, 2011

The Story of Bottled Water

The socially conscious people at www.thestoryofstuff.org produce these short animated docs that give you the inside look into a variety of social issues around the globe. […]
May 10, 2011

Dr.Oz kills filters/bottles and promotes RO!

Watch Part 1: Myths, misconceptions and the eerie realities of bottled and filtered water:   Watch Part 2: A thumbs up for Reverse Osmosis technology:
May 3, 2011

The White House is spending A MILLION bucks a year on bottled water???!

Fox news exposes a Wasteful White House: “If the Potomac River, which supplies water to the nation’s capital, had run dry, Congress might be able to […]
April 11, 2011

Water Bottle Flashmob in Montreal. AMAZING!

Un flashmob réalisé par la chaine TVA (Québec) pour son émission Testé sur des humains. Le but est de sensibiliser sur le recyclage du plastique, et […]
March 27, 2011

Even Health Quebec has something to say about tap water

March 26, 2011

Protect Yourself! A little publication about carbon filters…

We spotted this article about the realities of carbon filters in Protegéz-Vous, Cahiers Spéciale h2O. Click on the image to read the full article.
February 28, 2011

INCREDIBLE! National Film Board of Canada’s interactive Waterlife project

NFB.ca is truly breaking barriers with its online projects. While exploring their site, we found this amazing interactive and intricate portrait of the devastation of the […]
February 11, 2011

A pure welcome from Gal, the water man himself

There are few things in life more satisfying than launching a company, a product or an idea that elicits passion and brings something new and essential […]