Office Water Talk: Trusource at the Mint Green Group



A few weeks ago, we shared a Trusource experience from the Montreal Ritz Carlton Hotel. Our water dispensers are scattered throughout the city at high-end establishments like the Ritz and other businesses who want to provide their employees and customers with clean, fresh drinking water.

In the spotlight today –  the Mint Green Group. Shawn Currier, the company’s technical coordinator, has two Trusource office water coolers for the company’s 40+ employees. With a roster of apparel brands including Greg Norman Golf, Old Time Hockey and Cobra Puma Golf, this team definitely knows the benefits of staying hydrated on the job.



Since starting to use the Trusource machines in February 2013, the company has already used over 900 gallons. Mint Green provides its employees with coffee from a Keurig machine and uses Trusource water to keep it extra tasty. Even better news; about 80% of their employees keep a refillable water bottle at their desks, reducing the company’s carbon footprint thanks to the almost complete elimination of plastic water bottles.

Shawn has yet to call Trusource’s customer service since purchasing the machines earlier in the year because, as he told us, “they require no maintenance, you just have to wipe them down occasionally to keep them clean.”

The Mint Green Group has placed its water machines in the employee cafeteria and by the reception kitchenette. Employees are often seen gathering for “water cooler talk” in the cafeteria, proving that Trusource has scored yet another “hole-in-one”!


Un autre! Another!

Mint Green Group

Un de nos distributeurs d’eau au Mint Green Group !
One of our water dispensers at the Mint Green Group!