Gasland: Watch water burn…

Gasland: Watch water burn…

Gasland doc exposes water contamination at lethal levels

Winner of Special Jury Prize – Best US Documentary Feature – Sundance 2010. Screening at Cannes 2010.

Gasland Doc Tap on Fire Water Contamination

This is some serious stuff folks. As Canadians, I’d say we’re pretty lucky to have access to hydro-electric sources for energy, but there’s no doubt we have drilling problems of our own. Regardless, Josh Fox, a young documentary filmmaker decided to take the kind of action doc filmmakers are prone to take when a natural gas mining company offers you millions of dollars to drill (or frack) your land. No – not take the money! He made a documentary and embarked on a voyage across the U.S. to investigate the fatal effects of natural gas fracking on communities, people and our planet.

Gasland Documentary fracking and water contamination
This is heavy stuff and a brilliant, compelling, and genuine documentary that left me still thinking about it days later (months actually!). The cinematography is rough, real, personal and affective. There’s no denying an attachment to Josh and his mission, and not for a second did I feel that this was a contrived and biased perspective of an exaggerating activist. This is clearly real life – corporate greed rearing its ugly head, destroying our environment and leaving us with a littered landscape of metal towers and worse of all, contaminated, flammable water. What the frack?!!! – GASLAND – (2010) Directed by Josh Fox.

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