1 Do you have rental agreements?
Yes, we provide our clients with a price-protection guarantee for the length of their rental period.
2How will I know if the quality of water is always pure?
The “brain” of our dispenser is a microprocessor chip that continuously measures the performance of the filters and monitors the quality and purity of the water. If the integrity of your water is compromised at any point, the digital panel of the dispenser will alert you to initiate a service call.
3How long does it take for your technician to respond to a service call?
We fulfill 98% of our service calls within 24-48 hours.
4What is the difference between your purification system and a filtration system?
Filter systems are excellent at removing chlorine. However, they do not remove much else from our municipal water. After a short time, the filter absorbs so many impurities that it cannot function any longer. It becomes a trap for bacteria and can make the water flowing out less sanitary than the water going in. Our water purification cooler uses Reverse Osmosis. In addition to filters, there is an "out" drain that removes all impurities from the dispenser.
5Since your system uses tap water, isn’t bottled water much better because it is purified?
Bottled water is far from pure – studies have shown that it often has more bacteria and sediment than tap water! The water sits in plastic bottles for weeks or months before being put into a dispenser. And since the water is not chlorinated and there aren’t any precautions to stop microbiological contamination in the tank, bacteria multiply at an exponential rate! Our water is “freshly squeezed”: we draw it from your water line and purify it. The “out” drain removes all impurities. We chill or heat the water and it goes into your glass purified and fresh.
6We’ve already gone green and have a filtration system. Why should we switch?
The water from filter systems is usually not much better than tap water and, in many cases, worse. We do not use a filtration system – our water dispensers use REVERSE OSMOSIS, which purifies water as opposed to simply filtering it. Our water purification dispensers use the latest and most effective water purification technology in the world and are guaranteed to produce water that is 99.9% pure of any contaminants.
7Do your systems provide hot water?
Yes. Our hot water dispenser provides water that is just under the boiling point. Our clients love this feature for making coffee, tea, a cup of soup, oatmeal, etc.
8How is the price determined?
Our monthly rental fee includes everything: filters maintenance, service, etc. The monthly fee will vary slightly according to the consumption needs of your office but, in general, our water costs less per liter than bottled water.

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