Dentist Solutions

Trusource’s dental water purification systems produce high quality, non-corrosive, deionized water, letting you replace your bottles with simplicity and convenience.

The demineralised, deionized water produced by Trusource is perfect for use with all dental equipment and is unobtrusive, supported by a team of specialists, and backed by a guarantee to protect your autoclave and statim equipment.

Trusource Benefits

  • Provides deionized and demineralized water right from the tap
  • Protects sensitive equipment
  • Improves staff speed & efficiency
  • Discrete installation
  • Includes dispenser for hot and cold drinking water for staff and patients
  • Increase storage space by eliminating bottles
  • No installation cost, low monthly fees – save money
  • GUARANTEED to never run out of water!

Trusource Satisfaction

“I have been very satisfied with the water purification system installed by Trusource. It provides an easy and efficient source for deionized water for all our sterilizers without having to carry heavy bottles. Installation was clean and convenient and service has been helpful and professional at all times.”

— Dr. Allan Coopersmith, BSc, DDS, FAGD, FADI, FICD, FCARDP

Our completely free, no obligation trial makes it easy for you to experience Trusource and its many benefits first-hand. Contact us for an on-site evaluation.

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