Our on-site water-bottling system

Impress your clients:

Show your commitment to sustainability with
company-branded, reusable glass bottles

Still and Sparkling Filtered Drinking Water

This system offers limitless, chilled, micro-filtered still and sparkling water in reusable designer glass bottles with your own logo.
  • Dispenses in high volumes that can meet peak demand
  • Connects directly to your existing water supply for an easy, worry-free installation by our certified technicians
  • Saves space through an installation that can be divided into component parts
  • Works with a variety of reusable designer bottles that display your logo

Reusable Designer Glass Bottles

Reusable, company-branded designer bottles will show clients a company that's committed to sustainability.
  • Blue-tinted clear glass bottles in an elegant and sophisticated design
  • A hygienic one-piece cap that fits snugly
  • Your company logo can brand the bottles
  • A special dishwasher rack enables easy bottle washing

Hot and Cold Drinking Water Dispenser

Dispenses instant boiling water, as well as still and sparkling chilled water.
  • One single tap dispenses the three types of water
  • Touch sensor control
  • Perfect flow with zero splash
  • Brita® descaling filter for a better tasting tea

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The perfect solution for corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, country clubs,
conference centers, and medical and educational institutions.


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