Thirsty for Knowledge: Are you Drinking Enough Water?

Thirsty for Knowledge: Are you Drinking Enough Water?

Let’s be honest:we’re not drinking enough water. I know I’m not, and in my random quizzes of people (cheers to my patient friends and fam!) it’s shocking to see not only how little water we drink, but how little thought we give to proper hydration in general. Pretty crazy considering that it’s the most vital element to our survival after oxygen itself. Logically, water should be more popular than cellphones.

These days though, we can identify more phones at a glance than we can the symptoms of dehydration in our own bodies. I’m no exception, but the Naturodoc took me to school.

For instance, did you know that we lose a pint of water everyday just from breathing? And that “dry mouth” feeling we all too often wait for, is the last outward sign of dehydration; we’re already doing ourselves damage by then. Lack of water (no, soda, coffee, tea, and juice are not water, and don’t count to your body) contributes to mental irritation, depression, headaches, back pain, poor muscle tone, and even water retention.

Yep. Go ahead and read that again; I wrote it right. Your body’s pretty bright, and interested in its own preservation. If you’re not giving it enough water, it will store it. Now that’s a fun fact with bikini season upon us.

The average person weighing 150lbs needs 9oz of water for each hour awake, though Dr. Thomas Stearns Lee’s article reminds us that as with all things, “actual mileage may vary”, and provides a handy equation to ensure that you’re doing your body justice.

In fact, while you’re doing the math and digesting the facts, I suggest you wash it all down with a nice cold glass of water.Cheers 🙂

– Dawn, special Trusource contributor