A pure welcome from Gal, the water man himself

A pure welcome from Gal, the water man himself

There are few things in life more satisfying than launching a company, a product or an idea that elicits passion and brings something new and essential to the world. One year ago I launched Pure Water Technology with my partner, who is both a friend and mentor. We quickly recognized that the Quebec water market was about to change dramatically…

Selling a better alternative to existing drinking water solutions was, and still is, our passion. We founded our company on the principles of hard work, commitment to detail, impeccable customer service and top quality products. These philosophies are now our company’s values. Our mandate; to move beyond mediocre water filters and bottles, and to introduce a real water purification service to the workplace. We wanted to provide an honest, straight-from-the source drinking water solution – thus evolved Trusource.

Trusource is our new brand. It is the same great service, amazing products, and a name that is destined to become a known business brand. Trusource is a reflection of what we believe in. Our motto, Pure Water. Greener Planet envelops every aspect of the service we provide. We often hear terms such as “go green”, “reduce your carbon footprint”, or “be sustainable”. Our goal at Trusource is to put these words into action. We believe that there is no reason to compromise quality in order to live a green existence.

There are endless reasons for choosing our water systems in the workplace and in your home. We are very excited to be celebrating the launch of our new brand as well as the upcoming release of our residential pure water system.
Our new website promises a few surprises in the coming months and you can stay connected with Trusource through our Facebook page, YouTube channel, monthly newsletter, and even a Twitter account.

We are about pure water at the touch of a button, a greener planet, and unwavering customer support. This is Trusource, pure and simple!

– Gal Karpfen, Partner and VP Sales