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January 16, 2017

General Manager Career Opportunity At Trusource

Provide leadership to the organization with development and execution of the company’s planned objectives as established in synch with the Shareholders. Responsibility The General Manager (GM) […]
August 30, 2015

Reverse Osmosis Demystified

Revere Osmosis water. Sure, you’ve heard about it, but what exactly is it? We could go into tons of scientific detail, but put simply, reverse osmosis […]
July 18, 2013

Office Water Talk: Trusource at the Mint Green Group

  A few weeks ago, we shared a Trusource experience from the Montreal Ritz Carlton Hotel. Our water dispensers are scattered throughout the city at high-end […]
June 13, 2013

Trusource makes clean water accessible during the Montreal water advisory

In late May, Montrealers were faced with an occurrence that is luckily all too rare in our city. An official announcement was made on May 22nd […]
June 6, 2013

Water Cooler in the Workplace: Montreal Ritz Carlton Hotel

With its recent facelift, the Montreal Ritz Carlton Hotel is welcoming guests from around the world to enjoy a high-end stay in Montreal. Whether dining on […]
June 4, 2013

The Truth About Water Filters

Standard water filter coolers don’t provide the purity and protection that you deserve: they are often improperly maintained, and can actually increase contamination and generate high […]
June 4, 2013

The Truth About Bottled Water

Tap water, water fountains, bottled water and filter coolers all share one common problem…they do not deliver pure water. Chemicals, bacteria, slime, and other contaminants can […]
May 9, 2013

A Billboard that Provides Drinking Water to its Residents

  Just outside of Lima, Peru, marketing mavens have taken a typical advertising outlet and turned it into an educational and functional medium. What makes this […]
May 9, 2013

Just How Many Times should a Runner fill up that Camelback?

  With running season officially off to the races, it’s time for runners to gear up. From new shoes to dry-wick clothing to sweat bands, there […]
March 28, 2013

Gasoline turns up in Poland Springs Water Bottles in New Hampshire

The effects of super storm Sandy are still being felt on the US east coast as reports of contaminated water bottles surface. Bottles purchased on or […]
March 18, 2013

Reducing a Traveller’s Carbon Footprint – Hotel Bottled Water

Free bottled water has become a staple in most hotels around the world. Pricey vending machines are still abundant but the typical service offering now usually […]
March 4, 2013

Cleaning your Water Cooler

Would you drink water from a dark, wet reservoir, with stagnant water growing algae and breeding bacteria? Now you know why Health Canada strongly suggests that […]
February 15, 2013

The Benefits of Zeolite

We all know that water keeps us hydrated and helps to maintain our kidneys, keeps our skin looking healthy, aids in digestion and much more. But […]
September 18, 2012

Water Filtration vs. Purification: A True Difference

When we think of home water systems, we can’t help but envision what we already know and understand: filters. Tap adaptors, fancy jugs with replaceable parts, […]
September 11, 2012

Water & Anxiety

Thirsty for Knowledge… Stress and anxiety levels are at all time high. Diagnosis of stress and panic related disorders have skyrocketed over the past decade so […]